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Thursday’s New Moon in Leo encourages you to live boldly, even in undesirable or uninspiring circumstances. If you’ve recently put aside your own needs and desires—to care for others or deal with the crises, personal or social, that the world keeps throwing in your way—then this is your chance to bring them back. Then, in the late afternoon, Jupiter retrograde begins. Over the next four months, the planet of growth and good fortune will move in the opposite direction across the sky. This is not the best time to make significant progress towards your goals, but it is a great time to reflect. Are you growing to feel useful and authentic to yourself? If the answer is no, it may become clear that you are at a turning point and ready for a change. Know that you are not too late.

No one can avoid making mistakes from time to time, and for the most part, you’ve come to terms with that. However, this week you may find yourself doing more of them than you are used to. Maybe you find yourself grossly underestimating someone or advocating a bold new work strategy that ultimately failed. It is natural to be disappointed, disappointed in yourself, but in fact you are doing exactly what you should be doing. Mistakes mean that you are trying, that you are asking bigger and better questions, that you are brave enough to strive for something great. Don’t give up now.

It’s nice to know that the people in your life need you. It reminds you that your hard work and care are appreciated, that you play an important role in this interconnected world. However, the pressure of other people’s expectations can become too strong. If you’re feeling stressed this week, ask yourself you get enough care too. This does not mean that all relationships are transactional or that you should keep track of your emotional debts. Only that you cannot always give without receiving love in return. Ask what you need.

Your mind has been buzzing lately with the constant awareness of how precarious happiness is in your life. You are well aware that everything you have achieved and aspired to can collapse, and everything you love can be torn out from under you. This is an overwhelming and intense mindset that needs to be maintained, so this week try to remember that the opposite is also true. If the good is impermanent, then so is the bad. If sweetness is not guaranteed, then there is no guarantee of both greed and heartlessness. There are no preliminary findings. The future may be bleak or more wonderful than you can imagine.

It takes an openness and generosity of spirit, a genuine willingness to interact with the world, to acknowledge the beauty that exists around you. You have a gift for seeing the best and the most beautiful in other people. The trouble is that you are not always able to see these very qualities in yourself. Up to a certain point, this humility is admirable. But you also deserve to be kind. You are already too familiar with your weaknesses, with all the shortcomings that you would like to change. This week find enough compassion and love in your heart to keep some for yourself.

The desire to please others is not stupid or superficial. As you well know, it is important to consider how your words and actions are perceived in order to recognize that you are part of a larger network of social connections. However, at a certain moment one can attach too much importance to other people’s opinions and impressions; you stop listening, let alone trust your inner voice. Continue to consider the feelings of others this week. But if their judgment is preventing you from being free or sincere, you can prioritize yourself.

Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who takes the world’s problems seriously. On social media, you see others enjoying their lives, laughing and joking like everything is fine and they don’t care. It is an unbearably lonely position to imagine yourself alone in your anxiety. Remind yourself this week that we don’t all experience stress, fear, or pain in the same way, and an Instagram post doesn’t tell the whole story. The masks people wear in public don’t always reflect their true feelings. If you can start with the assumption that you are not alone, you will find that you have more allies than you think.

Even if you feel fed up this week, try to give others a reason to doubt. Not necessarily those with political power, but the ordinary people you encounter throughout the day, in all their beautiful, bewildering, and sometimes maddening humanity. Not because everyone is always good, or because you, as a good person, owe them your conscientiousness. On the contrary, everyone wins when we create opportunities for people to be good, honest, and courageous. When you give others a chance to be their best, they can take advantage of it.

The natural talents of some people are revealed in times of change; some shine brightest when they feel completely safe. It may seem unfair how things keep changing, hindering your ability to imagine, let alone build a long-term future. But this week, don’t think you’re out of luck. Be aware that you have gifts that you don’t yet know about because you’ve never needed them before. Try to believe that you are where you need to be and that you can make an important contribution, even as you are still discovering what it is.

If it depended on you, you would always learn, grow, know the world more and more. But no one, not even you, can live in a state of constant self-improvement. This week, going too far or too fast will cause you problems, drain your emotional resources, and drag you into projects and dramas you’re not interested in. Trying to do less may seem unnatural. Do it anyway. You’ve been on the move for so long; you deserve some time to do nothing at all.

Nothing (work, friendship, hobbies) comes easy these days. It seems that even the simplest assignments require more effort than before; There are so few activities that offer a direct sense of accomplishment. A good rest will help, but you also need the confidence that all these difficulties will pay off in the end, that your efforts will not be in vain. This week, allow yourself to be careful with yourself or cut corners in areas that don’t really matter to you. Save your best energy for what matters most so that your work really pays off.

This week you may be consumed by the need to write your own story, to define your future. If you’re not careful, you’ll spend all your time simmering and fidgeting, or clinging to a sense of control that’s out of your reach. No matter how hard you work, uncertainty remains; no matter how much power you have, there will be people more powerful than you. So instead, channel your energy into building relationships. The rewards of human connections can surprise you and change everything, and no one can take that away.

It’s not easy to deal with your insecurities. They are slippery and cunning, tenacious as weeds. This week, however, with some magic, you will get an idea of ​​how strong you are, how beautiful you are, and how weak the basis of your insecurities in reality. You can love yourself boldly and generously without apologizing. This feeling may not last forever. Learning to treat yourself right is an ongoing process that we have to relearn over and over again, but try to remember what it’s like. Don’t forget that such love exists.

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