UFC on ESPN 39: play-by-play and live results

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Round 1. Lightweights start the main event with gloves. Fiziev starts the fight with a strong right kick to the body. A moment later, RDA responds with one of his own. Fiziev kicks him to the body and then just misses with a hard hard kick. A good hit from the RDA hits the mark as it charges forward. Fiziev kicks the body. The RDA fires a takedown resulting in a clinch against the cage. RDA lands knees on the hip before dropping levels to complete the takedown. Fiziev keeps the fight on his feet and eventually breaks free. Fiziev gets a nice combination shortly after the release. RDA kicks back. Fiziev gets hit with a knee, but not enough to damage the RDA. Outside leg slam lands for RDA. Fiziev delivers a kick to the body before they exchange blows. RDA fires another takedown, clinching the fence again. They diverge and return to the center of the cell. Fiziev delivers a sharp combination of punches in the final seconds. MMA Junkie wins in the round 10-9 in favor of Fiziev.

Round 2 – The touch of the gloves and they exchange blows again in the center of the cage. Fiziev delivers quick blows to the body. A moment later, Fiziev catches the kick and squeezes, but decides to let go. An accidental poke in the eye from Fiziev causes RDA to recover for a while. They return to it after a short break, and the action moves quickly. Fiziev unloads the combo and the RDA fires back. Another takedown attempt by RDA failed, but he took the back from the cage. Fiziev stands with his back to the fence and in a second disperses. RDA throws a good right jab. Fiziev delivers headbutts to the body. They exchange blows in the center. RDA kicks and gets a takedown, but Fiziev gets back to his feet almost instantly, holding the clinch against the cage. They disperse, return to the center and exchange strikes. RDA again concludes the clinch, and Fiziev changes position. Returning to the center again, the RDA sneaks into a nice uppercut. Fiziev makes a clear combination when RDA tries to close the distance. Fiziev kicks him to the body, and RDA retaliates with a kick. MMA Junkie wins in the round 10-9 in favor of Fiziev.

Round 3 – Fiziev opens with a front kick to the body after touching the gloves. RDA looks for a takedown opportunity early and they end up in a cage. RDA almost grabbed him by the back and knocked out his leg, causing Fiziev to fall to the ground for a moment. Fiziev quickly gets to his feet, but RDA does not refuse the clinch and takedown. RDA makes a single, but Fiziev runs away. For a moment, they exchange punches and kicks in the center, but RDA comes back for another takedown. Referee Mark Smith calls for action in the clinch. Fiziev is released and returns to the center. They exchange kicks. Fiziev hits the body with a right blow. RDA is looking for his left hand, but Fiziev bends under it and squeezes, pushing RDA into the cage. They come back to the center again and Fiziev hits a good right hand as they start the exchange. RDA strikes back. Fiziev gets the right hand in RDA defense. They continue to trade punches and kicks until the end of the round. MMA Junkie wins in the round 10-9 in favor of Fiziev.

Round 4 – Fiziev opens with a kick to the body, which causes an intense exchange of blows. RDA clinches and pushes Fiziev to the fence. The referee intervenes rather quickly to call for action, but they disperse and return to an exchange of blows in the center. RDA is looking for a clinch again, but Fiziev turns around and pushes RDA into the cage. They break and the RDA does a knee strike in mid-flight and then a couple of hits. Fiziev clinches and again presses the RDA with his back against the fence. They fight for position for a moment before returning to the center. RDA fires a well-timed takedown, but Fiziev defends it. Fiziev throws punches, but RDA tries to land a takedown, and this punch is his best so far. He clasps both hands, lifts and throws Fiziev onto the canvas. Fiziev quickly turns his back to the cage and begins to walk along the wall. The RDA stays heavy and keeps it in a seated position. Fiziev comes back to his feet in the last seconds and RDA deftly strikes with his left elbow before the signal. MMA Junkie wins round 10-9 for RDA.

Round 5 – They exchange body kicks to start. Fiziev lunges forward with a right knee followed by a hard and clean left hook that drops the RDA. Fiziev swarms and the fight stops. Fiziev closes the show with an impressive finish in the opening moments of the last round.

Result: Rafael Fiziev vs. Rafael Dos Anjos KO (Punches) – Round 5, 0:18
A photo: UFC on ESPN 39: Best Photos from Las Vegas
Records: Rafael dos Anjos (31-14 MMA, 20-12 UFC), Rafael Fiziev (12-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC)
Separation: light
Broadcast: ESPN/ESPN+
refereeStory by: Mark Smith
RefereeingCast: Derek Cleary, Sal D’Amato, Junichiro Kamijo

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