Tramp saves real cats as animal shelters raise funds on Twitch


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To roam is a game starring an adorable ginger cat that instantly made a splash. People are very fond of cats and this is an addictive game where the cat protagonist travels through a dystopian environment trying to get back home. The story melts and touches the hearts of cat lovers, and animal shelters and rescues were even able to stream the game to get support for the kittens and cats in their care.

This is kitten season, which starts in late spring and lasts until October, which means organizations are dealing with an oversupply of kittens and cats in need of help. Shelters and foster organizations are often forced to use non-traditional forms of fundraising such as Facebook groups, online giveaways or streams. To roam great game for the last one because it’s a game that understands cats. (There’s even a dedicated meow button, which is very important.)

This is a very simple hook for viewers – do you like playing cats? Well, we have cats right here. I always love seeing little orange kittens in my feed, and Twitch game streams have been a great way to build support for a worthy cause. Crits for Cats is one such organization and currently uses a Twitch channel and Twitter account to demonstrate rescued and adopted cats and kittens. Crits for Cats stands for rescue and TNR (which stands for trap-neuter-return).

Fans who tune in to Crits for Cats streams on Twitch are getting good gameplay – organization streams To roam but it has featured a range of games in the past, as well as a live kitten cam where viewers can watch kittens play and exchange channel points for cat facts or treats to kittens.

To roam’The publisher, Annapurna Interactive, also partnered with the Humane Society of Nebraska and British charity Cats Protection to help raise funds for the game. The Humane Society of Nebraska has raised $7,000 for cats in need through a giveaway that will go toward the care and maintenance of cats in their care.

“Annapurna Interactive contacted us in June to assess our interest in working together on the release To roam” said Brendan Gepson, marketing specialist for the Humane Society of Nebraska, in an email with Polygon. “We gave away 4 PlayStation codes through a fundraiser. […] When the fundraiser ended, we raised over $7,000 for the shelter from 560 donations. This is especially noteworthy because the vast majority of these donations were made by people who had never given before. So overall it was a huge success for us and we are very happy with how it turned out!”

The money raised will go directly to helping the animals at the shelter. There are more than 80 adoptable cats, “and many more behind the scenes getting surgery and care,” Gepson said. “This year alone, we have found homes for 4,000 animals, and this number is constantly growing, so we need all the help we can.”

Streaming is a fantastic tool for spreading information and education, as well as sharing cool games. When cat rescuers use this tool, they can raise funds far beyond their local communities. They can also share information about kitten season, the importance of spaying and neutering pets, and why you should keep your cat indoors.

“It really was a great experience for us – we got to connect with a whole new donor base and everyone was incredibly accommodating,” Gepson said. “We had a few people tell us that they didn’t even have a PlayStation or any way to play the game, but they wanted to make a donation to help us no matter what. We’re trying to reach out to some local streamers right now to keep that momentum going.”

Accompanying this with gameplay of a goofy orange cat scratching rugs, making robot friends, and walking on keyboards makes it a lot easier, especially if you can spice up the footage with the kitten’s unscripted antics.

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