The casting of the Love & Thunder mid-credits scene was Kevin Feige’s idea.


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Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi revealed that it was Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige who suggested casting the mid-credits scene.

This was announced by director Taika Waititi. Thor: Love and ThunderThe casting of the mid-credits scene was the idea of ​​Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Asgardian god 4th film marks the return of Chris Hemsworth’s ‘The Avenger’ after the events Avengers: Endgame. Although it is positioned as an individual enterprise of Hemsworth. Thor, the new MCU movie pairs the hero with several powerful allies: Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, who has since evolved into the Mighty Thor superhero, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, and Waititi’s Korg. Christian Bale is the new big villain in the movie; he portrays the character Gorr the Butcher-God, a necrosword-wielding assassin who seeks to destroy the gods. Thor: Love and Thunder opened to lukewarm reviews from critics, although its box office performance may have been more favorable.


Despite mixed reviews, critics and fans alike agree that Thor: Love and ThunderThe mid- and post-credits scenes were arguably the best of any MCU movie in recent memory. While the post-credits scene re-introduced Idris Elba’s Heimdall and teased Jane Portman’s fate, the mid-credits scene created a potential future story by revealing a new enemy Thor. In this particular scene, it is revealed that Russell Crowe’s Olympian King Zeus is still alive and he enlists his son to kill Thor so that people will start fearing the gods again. It’s about the son of Hercules, a Marvel character played by none other than Ted LassoRoy Kent star Brett Goldstein.

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Now, in a new interview with ETWaititi reveals how Goldstein passes the casting Thor: Love and Thunder happened. As the director shockingly explains, Feige was the one who suggested Goldstein to play Hercules in the film. Although Waititi himself is Ted Lasso fan, he’s not entirely sure why Feige suggested Goldstein for the role. Waititi says that Feige is hiding his ideas, so he didn’t want to push him too hard with his proposal. Read below what Waititi had to say.

“I can’t say much because you know it’s all Kevin. Kevin was like Hercules, how about asking Brett? where are you pushing it? What do you want? Where are you going to go with this Hercules character?”

Thor, love and thunder casting mid-credits scene

While Feige has many corporate responsibilities at Marvel, he still provides a lot of important creative feedback for each project’s stories. He appears to have a close working relationship with Waititi. As he has expressed in previous interviews, he credits the director for tapping into Hemsworth’s comic side, which he wanted to tap into from the very first film. Thor movie came out. Waititi previously mentioned that he wasn’t sure how fans would react to Goldstein’s Hercules, but he was taken aback when Goldstein’s appearance at the film’s premiere sent the crowd into a frenzy. This proves that Feige had an idea about Goldstein’s star power and the impact it would have on Thor: Love and Thunder audience.

Goldstein’s future Marvel postThor: Love and Thunder seems ambiguous, and Waititi is unaware of his character’s next potential appearance in the MCU. However, Feige seems to have a plan for Goldstein’s Hercules, as he has asked fans to look for hints of the MCU Phase 4 ending across numerous projects, suggesting that the climax of the overarching plot will soon become clear. Feige recently weighed in on Thor Hemsworth’s future in the MCU. Although he did not state anything outright, he did indicate that the stories were discussed for his character. It’s entirely possible that Feige is planning a conflict between Thor and Hercules, two longtime comic book rivals. But nothing can be said for sure until there is official confirmation about the same.

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