Sylvester Stallone does not like the producers of “Rocky”


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Sylvester Stallone’s review of the new memoir by Rocky Balboa and Creed producer David Winkler is a knockout. And not in a good way.

The Rocky star and non-producer screenwriter is lobbying for his “rights” to the Oscar-winning franchise. He claims that after reading The Arrangement: A Love Story, he should have gotten a bigger stake in it.

“You know, I love to read and I have read thousands of books, but I must say that THIS book is by far the worst!” Stallone wrote about this on Sunday on Instagram. “If you ever run out of toilet paper, PLEASE [buy] this one you won’t be disappointed. Absorbs very well…”

The Arrangement, David Winkler’s June memoir on becoming a “sugar daddy” (yes, really), is described by Stallone as “intolerably useless trash” written by “the agonizingly incompetent David Winkler, who is the son of a remarkably mediocre and parasitic producer, Rocky and Creed.

David’s father, Irwin Winkler, co-produced the Rocky films and also produced additional Creed films, the third of which is due out in November. His son and Stallone also co-produce the Creed films. But Stallone is not the producer of the six Rocky films he wrote and starred in, four of which were sequels he directed.

Rocky co-producers Irwin Winkler (left) and Robert Chartoff (right) with Sylvester Stallone after receiving the Golden Globe at the 1977 Academy Awards.

(Associated Press)

The 76-year-old action icon also spoke about the famous Hollywood family and the making of the hit film that launched Stallone’s career in 1976 and the decades that followed. He said he “almost never saw” Irwin Winkler in all these years, but “really respected and LOVED” Robert Chartoff, who produced the first Creed movie before his death in 2015. – picture Oscar for the film, not for Stallone.)

Chartoff, according to Stallone, had “a real talent and SOUL, but, unfortunately, he died too soon……. If it wasn’t for Winkler, there would have been at least three more Rockies, that would have been great… To be honest, this crew are the worst non-human beings I’ve ever met in the film industry. I will always love loyal fans and keep hitting.!!! REMEMBER THAT IT IS PLEASANT TO CLEAR YOUR HEART…”

Stallone was synonymous with famed boxer Rocky Balboa, whom he created in his Oscar-nominated screenplay. Stallone was later nominated for an Academy Award as a supporting actor when he portrayed the famous Philadelphia fighter in the 2015 spin-off starring Michael B. Jordan as the titular boxer “Creed”.

In 2019, the Rambo and The Expendables star told Variety that he “doesn’t own Rocky” and was “furious” that his application was denied because he was allowed to star in the legendary underdog film instead. Irwin Winkler told The Hollywood Reporter in 1983 that their commitment to Stallone was to star in the film, and that the producers had to provide their homes as collateral for it to be filmed.

Stallone continued punching after his original post on Sunday. The star shared a drawing of Irwin Winkler superimposed on a snake, describing the work as a “VERY flattering portrait” of a “great” producer.

“[A]ter IRWIN has been in control of ROCKY for over 47 years and now CREED, I would really like to get back at least a little of WHAT IS REMAINING of my RIGHTS before passing it ONLY TO YOUR CHILDREN – I believe that would be a FAIR gesture from this 93 years old gentleman? He wrote. “It’s a painful subject that eats away at my soul because I wanted to leave something of Rocky for my children, but it’s always nice to hear from diehard fans.”

Then on Monday, he also posted a similar drawing of the Winkler family, welcoming his followers to the “REAL ROCKY HORROR SHOW!!

“We are thrilled that producers Rocky Irvine & Margot, Charles & David, and the ENTIRE EXTREME FAMILY remain healthy and well fed as hell with an ITALIAN FALL, CONTROLING ALL THE ROCKY FILMS FOR ALMOST 50 YEARS! Enjoy your meal! Keep hitting!” He wrote.

David and Irwin Winkler declined to comment on Monday when The Times contacted them via email.

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