Sam Northeast 410 – I had a lot more nerves on the 190s than on the 390s


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Congratulations. Can you sum up how you feel now? You probably had enough time to figure it out on the way south.
Thank you. I guess that’s what you always aim for in your career, but never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I’d be on the 410 and join some incredible names. List of players: Lara, Hick, Bradman… Joining this list, as I said, is beyond my wildest imagination. It’s been a crazy few days. You always aim for such a huge personal milestone in your career. It was a special couple of days, culminating in a big victory.

Was there a moment when you realized that you were on your way to a big score and not just a big one? You were out last night 308, you needed to set up the game – you must have known that there was a chance to do some serious runs this morning?

To be honest it was yesterday [when I realised]. I never thought about it today. Looking back at it now…pressing six to get to 400, what do I do? I could just get there in a more traditional way. If I went out before reaching 400, I would now reproach myself. It has always been a case of trying to tweak the game. It was a situation to see how much we can get. The hard work was done yesterday. Me and Cookie [Chris Cooke, who made 191 not out] could go out and have fun this morning after we got in.

Have you been aware of certain numbers today? Marked them in your head – past Bradman, past Hick?

No, absolutely not. I knew I needed two runs to get the highest score in Glamorgan history. It was work done this morning. Even just to match up with Steve James, I thought, “OK, I’m happy now.” After that, it was about getting in and seeing how far I could go. I remember walking by and thinking, “333 is very good… 350 is very good, we will continue.” This is how I took it today.

Your previous highest score in first grade was 191. What was your highest score – did you do something ridiculous in a school or club game?
191 was my highest in everything. I had a lot more nerves in the 190s than I did in the 390s, which sounds completely ridiculous to even talk about it now. I really wanted this doppelgänger. It was something I wanted to cross off the list in my career and in a way I thought it would never happen. It’s not something you think about all the time, is it? “I want two hundred this week.” You just think: “Let’s rebuild again and continue.” You never get enough, as all my coaches have told me over the years. It must have been true.

Players talk about how they feel in the zone, or that they have completed the ball after such innings. Was something completely different for you?
I was talking to my father last night and he said it was the best game he had ever seen. I thought, “Really?” I said I felt good, but not like I was on another planet, and he said, “No, this is the best game I’ve ever seen.” It came from someone who had seen me bat quite a few times in my career, so the fact that he acknowledged it was nice. It didn’t feel any different. You’re obviously trying to make plans against some bowlers and to be honest, it felt like a normal day at the office, but it’s clearly not.

Did you have family there today? Did your dad go?
He followed every ball on the stream. He thought about coming today, but he didn’t want to put any pressure on me – he came up so that I wouldn’t do anything. He likes to watch the stream. I don’t think he conceded the ball from the first ball.

I’m sure you’ll be right about the team going first, but was there ever a small part of you that thought about asking for another half an hour just to see if you could push 500?

Matt [Maynard, Glamorgan’s coach] and Lloyd [David Lloyd, captain] and Kiran [Carlson, vice-captain] basically laid it out for us and said we could get 28 more runs for the best sixth wicket partnership of all time in any cricket – “if you really want to do it, we’re not going to stop you”. Cookie and I thought dinner was a declaration, and it always would be. We left ourselves with what now looks exactly the same as the right amount of time and the right number of runs – it couldn’t have been better, to be honest.

You left Hampshire a year ago and had a couple of loan spells at the end of the season – things are looking a little blurry. Does it feel like it’s been so long?

It was probably a time when I didn’t quite know where the future was, and things looked pretty uncertain. Having found a really nice home in Glamorgan and enjoying my cricket again, I couldn’t be happier at the moment. I just hope things continue on an upward trajectory. We won today and we’re on the hunt for a promotion and it’s fantastic. With hope [there are] more good times ahead for me and Glamorgan cricket.

How do you celebrate 410 innings without an out?
I literally go to a buddy’s barbecue – a buddy when I was in Hampshire. I just slipped in there from Leicester. We booked this so it will be nice to celebrate with a few friends. It’s supposed to be fun tonight, and tomorrow I’ll see my family and celebrate a little more, and then I’ll be back to the routine of the county.

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