Passenger Departing Hawaii Goes Viral + Our Experience


Passenger Kicked Off Hawaiian Goes Viral + Our Experiences
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We’ll preface this by saying that we’ve had surprisingly few problems on over 1,000 flights with Hawaiian Airlines. But we’ve recently run into issues, though not at all like what we’ve seen with TikTok. Please take a look at what happened and let us know what you think.

A Hawaiian air passenger with a minor child was thrown from the plane due to an airline error.

Earlier this month, Ryan DeMarre (@ryandemarre) was about to fly from Seattle to Maui. He was on board HA Flight 29. The plane had landed and was waiting to take off.

According to TikVideo, which has been viewed nearly 4 million times, he was then taken off the plane without much explanation, saying his ticket was invalid.

He was then seen walking through an A330 wide-body aircraft to the door and exiting the flight. Then at the gate, he seems to be trying to figure out what just happened.

The passenger said that he bought tickets with his HA Visa card on the HA website.

@ryandemarre Hawaiian Airlines kicked us off our flight for an “invalid” ticket. How to get through security and board a plane with a minor with an enclosed ticket? #hawaiian airlines #kickedout #maui ♬ original sound – R Demar

A Hawaiian Air passenger took off in Seattle, but the baggage flew to Maui.

At the exit, DeMarr asks, “Are we on this flight?” They tell him: “No, your ticket is invalid. It’s not even valid.”

He then asks a question seen on TikTok. “How do we get through the TSA and onto the plane with an invalid ticket and a minor?”

Regarding his luggage, Demarr was told, “They’ll be on Maui when you get there.” Airlines used to match passengers with baggage, but that was largely before modern baggage screening processes were in place.

The minor daughter was not asked to be dropped off the plane.

DeMarr said his underage daughter was not asked to leave the plane, although he was. He had enough funds to take her with him under the circumstances. If she had stayed, she would have been an unaccompanied minor. We’re not sure how Hawaiian would have dealt with changing her status to “unaccompanied” at the time of her departure. This is because an escort at the exit and contact with a guardian is required, which is usually handled during the booking and check-in processes.

The next day the flight accommodation was not working.

The airline staff informed the passenger that he could be accommodated the next day. Since other family members were apparently already on Maui and his luggage was also heading there, DeMarr decided to take matters into his own hands. He headed to the Delta, where he purchased an additional same-day round-trip ticket to Maui, which he said cost him $2,000 for himself and his daughter.

@ryandemarre Hawaiian Airways is out of his mind. Explanation #hawaiianairlines #deltaairlines #fyp #maui #kickedoffmyflight ♬ original audio – R Demar

The passenger received the refund he demanded.

In the TikTok video, he wants HA to offer him a refund of the ticket price and other expenses. DeMarre said in a TikTok follow-up that the Hawaiians apologized and pointed out that there was a mistake on their part. We’re not sure how it all happened, or if the father and daughter were on separate records with the passengers’ names.

DeMarra was offered a full round trip, including other expenses such as a $2,000 Delta ticket. He said he was pleased with the result. “I’m sorry it took so long, but in the end I think it all worked out right in the end.”

@ryandemarre Replying to @adamefamily76 part 3 Hawaiian Airlines did it right #hawaiianairlines #kickedoffmyflight #fyp #hawaii #maui #thankyou #georgiaguidestonesvandalized ♬ original audio – R Demar

Comments were everywhere; we will include just a few of them to get you started.

“They apologized because it went viral.”

“2,000,000 views, I’m sure you got a call.”

“This is a prime example of how an adult should behave when asked to leave a plane. Thank you sir.”

“Wait a second!?!? Did you just get off the plane? Didn’t you jump up and start screaming? I’m impressed.”

“Someone screwed up a lot. Have you seen anyone sit and sit in these seats after you left?

A curious coincidence with our own experience this weekend.

Your editors travel around the state writing articles for Beat of Hawaii. We are both going to Kona this fall and have bought tickets for a direct Hawaiian Airlines flight from Lihue. Jeff had some sort of gut feeling to check it out yesterday. He had a hard time getting flight information on their mobile app, but saw the new itinerary on the HA website.

He found that both outgoing and return flights had changed significantly since they were purchased. The new flight to Kona was now several hours later than when the tickets had been purchased. The return was even worse; the flight returning to Kauai in the late afternoon now left Kona at about 8 am. Not functional.

The first problem is that Hawaiian never notified us (they had two email addresses) of these significant changes either by phone or email. We both checked our spam folders and regular mailboxes, but there were no messages from Hawaiian. If we hadn’t checked, things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did.

Two calls to a call center in the Philippines followed. Agents requested a change fee of over $300 to get flights closer to the original purchase time. Jeff told them that he was in no way paying a transfer fee for flights that were changed by the airline and not by the passengers.

In the end, everything worked out, no additional payments were required. It was unpleasant, it required perseverance and it took a very long time to talk on the phone. The initial wait time before you get to the agent was at least 30 minutes and that was just the beginning. In the end, it was just a fun coincidence with DeMarre’s TikTok.

Five more people reported similar issues in today’s comments.

Since this article was published today, at least five other people have commented that they have recently encountered similar issues that prevented them from receiving flight change notifications from Hawaiian Airlines.

BON for takeaway.

We will no longer rely on any airline to notify us of schedule changes. We will check regularly from booking to travel time. MJ’s usual comment is well received:

“Nowadays, the absence of check-in for a flight 5 days and a day before departure is asking for trouble. I am disabled and need a special seat without which I can’t even get on a plane. We fly United and are registered with them for this situation, however sometimes unknowing agents changed our seats at the last minute. Fortunately, those with higher power have always fixed it. However, my spouse finds it difficult to remain calm when things go wrong.”

What would you do if you were asked to leave a plane because of an invalid ticket? Could you stay calm?

Photograph of a Hawaiian Airlines flight landing on Maui.

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