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Critics evaluate Jordan Peele’s UFO thriller.

It’s been three years since Us hit theaters, but the wait for a new Jordan Peele movie is almost over. Expectations couldn’t be higher as No, Peel’s latest thought-provoking genre film, opens in theaters this weekend. And if Jordan Peele fans know one thing, it’s that you should always expect the unexpected from him. Initial reactions were mostly favorable.

Anticipation for No has been building for months as the film’s cryptic trailers have ensured that the thriller will remain in the public eye without revealing anything about the plot. The film is known to feature aliens and Hollywood history, as well as the Gold Rush theme park known as Jupiter’s Claim. But now that film critics are free to express their opinions about the film, more information about the secret film is starting to flow. If waiting 72 hours to see a movie sounds absolutely torturous to you, the Twitter movie has got you covered tonight.

No was written and directed by Jordan Peele and starred Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as siblings who run the only black-owned horse farm in Hollywood. Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, Steven Yeun, Wrenn Schmidt, Keith David, Donna Mills, Barbie Ferreira, Devon Gray and Oz Perkins also star.

In a recent interview, Peele said that the film’s UFO plot was intended as an attempt to lure viewers back into the multiplex with a spectacle.

“The first thing I realized was that I wanted to create a spectacle. I wanted to create something that the audience would have to come and see,” Peel said. “So I set my sights on the great American UFO story.”

While it may definitely be more sci-fi than Peel’s previous work, No still contains a lot of his trademark horror. In fact, Peel says the title came about because he hoped audiences would yell “no!”

“The film itself is about the spectacle, and the good and the bad that comes from this idea of ​​attention,” he said. “It’s a horror epic, but it has some moments that are meant to evoke a very audible reaction in the theatre.”

No will hit theaters on July 22. Keep reading for the early social media reaction to the film.

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