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Moments from Nikki Glaser’s latest comedy Nice clean dirt, she offers her audience a hypothesis: if you had to perform oral sex on one of your parents, who would it be? It’s one of the most innocent moments in an hour that aired July 16 on HBO. But none of her new material will shock Glazer fans. She gained admirers through her ability to marry the rough and the smart. She also built a career on it. Glazer recently starred in E! network reality showWelcome home, Nikki Glazer?), hosts the HBO Max dating contest. Fboy Island and even contemplates a sitcom. That she’s become much busier since moving back to her hometown of St. Louis in 2020 is a testament to both her industry appeal and restlessness.

Speaking from her hotel room on the Sunset Strip during a July trip to meetings and a few shoots at Los Angeles’ favorite The Comedy Store, Glazer spoke of the enduring appeal of touring, the anger on stage after a performance.Caviar and why she took off her shirt (the bra remained) during a performance at a baseball stadium.

You recently recorded this special, right?

I did it in November and it was supposed to come out in March. But I’m so bad at taking care of myself, and I still wanted to edit it, so I had to tell HBO, “Sorry, I need an extension.” It was like writing to your college professors, “My printer is broken! My computer is down! My grandmother died!”

Knowing what we know now, would you like to draw more on the American history of protecting women’s bodies??

If I shot him after the rollover Caviar, there would be anger in him—an anger that might repulse some viewers more than it has already repulsed them. I’m glad he still has a hope that may not be on stage anymore for me.

You are touring a lot now.

The comics just name their tours to make them sound new. If we ever take a break, it’s because we’re doing some project that takes us off the road. We don’t know how not to say yes to concerts.

Nikki Glaser, photographed July 13 at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, is set to perform in 30 cities around the world by the end of the year.

Photographed by Yasar Gunawardena

Many comedians have said they are rethinking touring after the pandemic. Why not you?

Money is just ridiculous. TV money is fine and good. But when you start selling theater tickets and add two performances in one night. … I am not a greedy person, but it is money that gives freedom. So, I’m doing this for the money and because I don’t want anyone to forget me. And it’s fun!

Let’s go back to that anger, how does it manifest itself on stage?

day after Caviar rolled over, I was on tour with Bert Kreischer and a bunch of guys. The only other girl was the DJ. Bert takes his shirt off on stage before every show and it’s fun. He’s a big, hairy guy. So I took off my shirt as a sign of respect for him, because all his fans were there. But what I was really thinking was, “I’ll take my shirt off and go fuck yourself if it’s a distraction. Fuck you if it turns you on. I really struggle with it. You can only take your shirt off if you have a sexually unattractive body. Trying to be sexy and comedic at the same time doesn’t work. And if you’re trying to be sexy, you’re sad, you’re thirsty, especially if you’re 38. I think Caviar being flipped is about women being punished for fucking other men, not about guys making the rules. They want us to fuck them and they’re crazy about it. So they need to punish us whores.

The stunt for your reality show was to move from Los Angeles back to St. Louis. Abortion is now illegal in Missouri. Do you think you’ll stay?

I’m looking for an exit strategy. I love St. Louis and I love not being in New York or LA and feeling the pressure that I feel when I’m here to be out all the time, working all the time. But I’m really disgusted by all the things that disgust a lot of people. It’s hard to be around [here]. And the problem is not people with Trump flags. At least these people are honest and tell us who they are.

The season finale included a production sitcom development meeting with showrunner Bill Lawrence. Do you want to act more?

Every comedian should have his own stand-up, and then you get yours Seinfeld or Everyone loves Raymond. I never wanted this. It’s a lot just to wait in the trailer. The only reason I agreed to do this was because Bill assured me that we would do it with fun people. I see a lot of my friends who are brilliant stand-up comedians going through the script and… wow! Does not translate. I’m just afraid to do something lame.

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Glazer is the host and executive producer of the HBO Max show. Fboy Islandthe second season is currently underway.

Contributed by Ramon Nakid/HBO Max.

you accept Fboy Island. How do you reconcile your supposedly feminist point of view with hosting a dating show where half the men try to scam women for money?

I told the producers, “I need to be as clueless as the girls. Because I don’t want to mislead them in any way.”

Do you have conflict about that a self-identified player could get all the money and leave the women with nothing?

Not at all. I am a girl who often chooses Fboys knowing that they are Fboys. At the time they choose, the guy already identifies as a good guy or Fboy. They decided if they trusted him. So it’s really about trusting your instincts. Also, we took money from that first Fboy and gave it to charity. Yes, there are times when these women look silly and we glorify assholes in a way – but as a host, I make fun of it all the time.

It kills me that you can’t just say “fuck the boy”.

I know. So many times we had to stop filming and the producer would say, “Nikki, you said fuck you.” We need to get it again.” We’re leaning towards how stupid the title is this season.

There is a strange note on your Wikipedia page about how many times you completed Joe Rogan’s quests. podcast. In the current hyperpolarized culture, would you continue?

I don’t agree with much of what he did, but would I continue? Probably. ‘Cause I would say, “What are you doing?” I feel like I can say it to him. I used to hate this argument: “We have to get the other side involved and listen to them.” But I think this is the way forward to find commonalities. And I’m tired of canceling people. I mean, I love it. There is something so delicious about it. There are people I desperately want out of business for what they have done and said. But I’ve said things in the past that I don’t support. I want to go ahead and challenge these things in a playful way that comes from someone who is a friend. Here’s how I rationalize it. I may be completely wrong.

Your love for Taylor Swift often shows up in your performance. Have you ever heard from her?
Only when she replied to my Instagram post apologizing for speaking meanly about her in the past. I’ll just wait until the universe brings us together. In fact, I don’t even want to date her. It will take a huge effort to calm me down and I need her to focus on her writing and live her best life.

The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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