MultiVersus is played more than any other fighting game on PC combined, and it’s not even out of Early Access yet.


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Technically, MultiVersus isn’t available to everyone yet, but thousands and thousands of players are already flocking to check out the new platform fighting game.

While the title is still in limited Early Access, MultiVersus sets the record for a fighting game on PC and has a higher average player count than any other major fighting game on Steam combined.

Using useful data from Steam Charts, Warner Bros. The platform fighter has an average of 38,872 online players at any given time, with a record 61,964 players.

We’ve recorded averages and maximums for 13 other biggest and fighting games still supported on PC, and you know what.

Their overall average for the last month is just 28,902, even with the free workhorse Brawlhalla, which is arguably MultiVersus’ biggest competitor besides Super Smash Bros. ultimate.

Unless Street Fighter 6, Project L or whatever becomes a massive explosion in the near future, MultiVersus has already set the record for the most all-time peak players to remain.

The next two closest picks to it are Dragon Ball FighterZ with 44,234 players and Brawlhalla with 34,169 players.

And remember, this is just a Steam count, and MultiVersus hasn’t entered open beta yet.

Even though MultiVersus is “free”, the game is not available for free to everyone right now as currently only those who participated in the previous closed alpha tests, those who bought the Founder’s Pack, people who watched 1 game hour. game on Twitch or players who signed up for Evo 2022.

header 30 day average 24 hour peak All-time peak
multiversus 38 872 51 346 61 964
Braulhalla 12 426 17 298 34 169
Tekken 7 4436 6428 18 766
DNF Duel 2766 1267 12 324
Street Fighter 5 2349 3108 13 807
Mortal Kombat 11 2139 2582 27 301
Guilty Gear 1829 1921 30 939
Dragon Ball SlayerZ 1633 1930 44 234
King of Fighters 15 542 813 8 205
Aether Rivals 422 618 2828
Granblue Fantasy: Versus 162 180 2599
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 96 114 5628
Melty Blood: Type Lumina 72 106 13 182
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl thirty 46 9120

It looks like WB’s approach to making a free-to-play, cross-platform action game filled with recognizable characters is going to pay off for both the company and the developers.

Depending on how high it can fly after it enters open beta this week and after a full release, developers and publishers around the world will be watching the success very closely – and some will likely change theirs accordingly. plans.

It’s certainly a sign that a free-to-play fighting game with good online and cross-platform play can work and do it very well, which could shake up the landscape we’re used to.

Obviously, we’ll have to see how those numbers look in the long run after the release hype, but starting at such a high level could mean MultiVersus will continue to be the biggest dude on the block (with the possible exception of Smash Ultimate). .

Developer and community support are also important factors for a game’s health, as the chart shows long-established titles like Tekken 7 beating newer ones like DNF Duel and The King of Fighters 15 with ease.

MultiVersus Games as a Service means the fighter will continue to see frequent and notable updates in the coming years as long as the numbers stay good and the money comes in.

While Smash will certainly be fine, I’d be sweating a lot if I was in charge of Brawlhalla right now, and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl doesn’t even flicker on the radar.

We’ll of course be keeping an eye on MultiVersus’ progress and performance as it enters its next phases, but big changes seem to be around the corner, if they haven’t already.

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