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As for the Rangers, two months until training camp.

one. It doesn’t matter that Matthew Tkachuk is available from Calgary. The Rangers can’t get the 24-year-old after a 42-62-104 season. It wouldn’t matter if Connor McDavid was available from Edmonton. The Blueshirts couldn’t get it either.

They do not have a place under the roof, nor the means to create it. Wanting it doesn’t make it achievable.

But maybe, you say, maybe there’s a chance that Jacob Truba will waive his travel ban. Maybe that’s how the Blueshirts were able to win back $8 million.

Maybe, you’re suggesting, maybe Artemi Panarin would be willing to drop the no-move clause after a bad playoff. Perhaps this is how the club was able to receive 11.64 million dollars.

Yeah, and maybe this summer I’ll grow a leg and join Jalen Brunson at the Knicks in October.

Here is an irrefutable fact. The Blue Shirts have seven players with caps of at least $5 million each. Five of them have travel ban clauses until at least 2023-2024. They are Truba (2023-24), Chris Kreider (2023-24), Vincent Trochek (2024-25), Panarin (2025-26) and Mika Zibanejad (2029-30).

The other two are Igor Shesterkin and Adam Fox.

Any questions?

Matthew Tkachuk
Matthew Tkachuk
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2. That’s why general manager Chris Drury is obligated to use as much space as possible during the season and allow it to build up so that his team will be able to bid on elite rentals closer to the deadline.

Possible lease options to consider: 1. Patrick Kane, Chicago; 2. Patrick Kane, Chicago; 3. Patrick Kane, Chicago.

Did you understand.

PS: It matters that Tkachuk is available if he is traded for a contender in the East, that’s for sure, but are there any who can absorb his cap hit?

Patrick Kane
Patrick Kane
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3. In the past tense, the Rangers needed to get bigger.

Present tense. They still do.

That’s why 20-year-old Will Kyle, 6-4, 209, has a great chance to break into the starting XI. This is his talent too. That, plus the fact that he can play up and down the roster.

Right flank with Kreider and Zibanejad?

I’d like to take a look at that trio at the camp.

Will Kyll at dev camp with the Rangers on July 11, 2022.
Will Kyll at dev camp with the Rangers on July 11, 2022.
Robert Sabo

One of the reasons? He is a shooter. And head coach Gerard Gallant has consistently spoken about the importance of having high-performance shooter Frank Vatrano on the right side of best friends.

Kuyla’s summer, by the way: Rangers development camp last week. Team Canada’s World Junior Camp begins August 1st. Junior World Championship from 9 to 20 August. Rangers rookie camp around September 15th. Rangers camp in about a week.

four. I’m not at all sure that Gallant will take it that way, but I would not mind reuniting Alexis Lafrenière, Philip Chitil and Kaapo Kakko to start the season as a third line.

Children are comfortable and confident with each other. They bring out the best in every person. It is important that every start is strong.

Alexis Lafrenière (13), Kaapo Kakko (24) and Philip Chitil (72) with teammates
Alexis Lafrenière (13), Kaapo Kakko (24) and Philip Chitil (72) with Rangers teammates Adam Fox (23) and Ryan Lindgren (55).

I wouldn’t dwell on the “top six” label as it either applies or it doesn’t.

So, unless Lafrenier switches to right wing (and I’m not sure why this became such an ongoing problem last season), the Blue Shirts’ right wing line-up of Kakko, Sammy Blais, Julien (Still here) Gauthier and Vitali Kravtsova teamed up for last season, he scored 10 NHL goals in 106 games and scored a total of 50 career goals in 406 games.

5. Remember that about the flat-cap squeeze that was negotiated as part of the 2020 CBA renewal coupled with the escrow cap that essentially every challenger is trying to deal with.

The cap increased by an average of 3.61 percent in the four pre-pandemic seasons. (Panarin, Truba and Kreider were signed before the March 2020 break.)

If the NHL had simply weathered this modest annual escalation, this year’s ceiling would have been set at $90.64 million, with an increase to $93.91 million for 2023-2024. Instead, it is $82.5 million this season and will be $83.5 million in the 2023–24 season.

6. Another dose of reality: The Rangers will deduct $8.965 million from the post-season ceiling for the expiring contracts of Ryan Reeves, Sammy Blais, Dryden Hunt and Jaro Halak, as well as buyout fees.

But they will owe second contracts to Lafrenière, Q’Andre Miller, Chitil and Kravtsov and will have to replace outgoing free agents.

It might be foolish to look ahead as much as 12 months, but regardless of their value to the Rangers division, it will be very difficult to keep Barclay Goodrow and Ryan Lindgren past this season.

7. The Rangers are on the hunt for the Cup, but they are on the hunt for a playoff spot after a summer in which they objectively didn’t improve. They rely on the perceived growth potential of their earnings to take the next step.

Meanwhile, Ottawa seems to have improved a lot, Columbus has changed the rules of the game, Detroit has added important elements, as have the Devils.

But in this “catch us if you can” scenario, the Rangers finished 29 points ahead of the Jackets, 36 points ahead of the Red Wings, 37 points ahead of the Senators, and 47 points ahead of the Devils.

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