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With its extensive roster confirmed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel has finally shown the way forward for the MCU. However, even films like Avengers: Kang Dynasty as well as Avengers: Secret Wars to show what all individual projects are aiming for, there are still some efforts that remain more autonomous.

This emphasis on more unique designs is not new to the MCU. Recent episodes like Hawkeye as well as moon knightprioritized the character over the franchise while managing to create more grounded, personal journeys.

While the end messages that are the newly announced Avengers sequels and the exciting new branding of the Multiverse saga indicate that Marvel is returning to long-term storytelling mode, a company executive’s recent comments indicate that these projects are focused on individuals , not t output.

Feige talks about the diversity of Phase 5 stories


Speaking with Brandon Davis at Phase Zero, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige briefly talked about what to expect from upcoming projects, which include Marvel’s recently announced phases 5 and 6.

After being asked by Feige to what extent the upcoming post-credits scenes would help plant the seeds of the larger Multiverse saga, Feige stressed that many teasers are expected, explaining that “Some tags will connect, some won’t.”

“Well, I guess the truth is… all tags are never just about the future. There are tags that eat shawarma, Captain America says “You need to learn patience, sometimes you wait for something that’s not worth it.” .’ So all of them are always funny to us. We don’t want everyone to feel the same. So some tags will be linked and some won’t.”

Feige continued by applying the same thought to future films and series, noting that this “important that we can have sindividual introductory stories such as Ms. Marvel.”

“Some films and series will be connected to each other, some will not. I think it’s just as important that we have separate opening stories like Ms. Marvel or Moon Knight in addition to things that are interconnected and built on a broader level. Story. A lot of what we did was built on a larger story, obviously with the Kang Dynasty and the Multiverse saga. And now, I think, people, I hope, will join the trip. on the express to the final, and also when it’s fun, like many of our Phase 1, 2 and 3 films.”

How interconnected will steps 5 and 6 be?

Marvel’s upcoming lineup of movies and TV shows will still leave room for more standalone stories, Feige said. Even though this upcoming list of projects falls within the newly concocted Multiverse saga, it looks like some projects will deviate from this overarching plot.

Looking at the diverse lineup of movies and TV shows that are getting ready to release, Feige’s comments make a lot of sense. Although names like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania as well as Loki The second season seems to clearly pave the way for bigger stories like Avengers: Kang Dynastyespecially since they share a common main antagonist, the others seem less overtly related.

Echo as well as Daredevil: Rebornfor example, while great stories in the franchise are still likely, they will almost certainly have less of an impact on the multiverse madness that seems destined to wreak havoc across the MCU. Despite this, with so many storylines, from Skrulls and Thunderbolts to multiverse jokes, it still seems likely that these projects will still contribute in some way, at least more than the noticeably disconnected Moon Knight.

Given Feige’s comments, it seems clear that quality storytelling is paramount to Marvel, including teasers for future projects only where appropriate. And, since the path forward for the MCU is clear, fans more concerned with larger chunks of history leading up to Avengers-level threats can hopefully relax by taking on these more unique projects on their own terms.

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