Marali Nichols shadows Tristan Thompson in post about their baby


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Marali, who gave birth to Tristan’s third child in December, previously criticized the NBA player for allegedly “doing nothing” to support their little boy.

Back in December, personal trainer Marali Nichols welcomed a baby boy from NBA player Tristan Thompson.

As I’m sure you remember, this news came as a huge shock to fans considering Tristan was in a relationship with his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian at the time.

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And although he spent weeks denying that Marali’s child was his when she sued him for child support and pregnancy-related expenses, Tristan eventually admitted that he was in fact the father after undergoing a DNA test.

What’s more, during a messy legal battle, leaked messages between Tristan and Marali showed the jock telling her that he “won’t be involved” in raising the child.

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“In no case will I interfere,” Tristan Marali allegedly wrote. “All you’ll have is a child with a father who has nothing to do with the child and a few hundred dollars a month to support the child.” Tristan denied the legitimacy of the messages, claiming they were “fabricated” by Marali.

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But as we know, Marali gave birth to a little boy, Theo, regardless of Tristan’s position, and has since regularly shared updates on her Instagram page showing the baby’s growth.

“Words cannot express how much I love you, being your mom is my biggest blessing. You are my world,” she wrote alongside a photo of her holding Theo in May.

“Can’t believe my baby is 6 months old,” she wrote in June, noting “Theo’s first time at the zoo.”

But now, in her latest Instagram post, some people are convinced that Marali cast a shadow over Tristan when she once again mentioned her status as their little boy’s guardian.

“Mom Theo,” she wrote next to her photo.

The post was quickly flooded with comments praising Marali for her commitment to raising Theo on her own, with fans calling her “mom and dad rolled into one” while denouncing Tristan.

“Theos, mom and dad,” wrote one person. “Mom and dad Theo rolled into one,” repeated another.

“You’re doing great, Mom!” wrote one user and another followed suit and commented: “Mom and dad Theo – he has you, that’s all that matters Queen! Keep doing mommy.”

Meanwhile, several netizens continued to question Tristan’s involvement in Theo’s life, apparently referring to Marali’s recent statement that he was not trying to meet the little boy.

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Where is Theo’s father? one person asked. Tristan tried to see Theo? wrote another.

Back in February, Marali said through a spokesperson that Tristan “did nothing” to support their child. “Despite what the news says to the contrary, Tristan Thompson has done nothing to support his son,” her spokesperson said.

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“He did not make any attempt to meet with their son and did not provide any financial assistance,” they added. Tristan did not publicly comment on Marali’s claims, and his representatives did not respond to a BuzzFeed News request for comment at the time.

And while he has avoided making any public mention of Marali or Theo other than his initial Instagram statement confirming his paternity, Tristan has also remained completely silent about the recent major scandal involving him and his ex Khloe.

It was revealed last week that Tristan and Khloe are due to welcome their second child, conceived in November by a surrogate mother, in the coming weeks.

Khloé’s rep confirmed the news in a statement sent out to multiple media outlets, while sources claimed the reality TV star kept things under wraps “to protect her mental health from public condemnation as a result of Tristan’s actions.”

And while Chloe kept a low profile for a few days, Tristan appears to be back to normal as he was filmed at a party in Mykonos, Greece over the weekend.

What’s more, Tristan was spotted holding hands with a mysterious woman he reportedly met at a nightclub before flaunting a luxury vacation on his Instagram story.

As a result, the basketball player faced harsh criticism from fans who wondered why he was not in Los Angeles with Khloe and their 4-year-old daughter True ahead of the birth of their second child.

“He’s here in Greece with a completely different woman while he’s expecting a baby,” wrote one Twitter user, while another expressed his outrage at Tristan. frequent public disrespect from Chloe.

Tristan Thompson really doesn’t care about Chloe. He’s here in Greece with a completely different woman while he’s expecting a baby. I don’t know if he has an arrangement with Chloe at the moment, but this shit is ridiculous. Let this be a lesson.

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