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There is only a week left before training camp starts for most NFL teams. After a short break, football returns to the mind of a sports fan… if he ever left. And with that comes preparations for the latest Madden video game. But this year’s game, which releases on August 19, is a little different.

Following the death of the show’s namesake, Hall of Famer coach John Madden, on December 28, 2021, and EA Sports’ decision to put Madden on the cover, there’s a legacy to the game this year. But Madden always wanted the game to be about football and as close to the reality of the sport that he loved to coach, teach and narrate. He was the one who insisted that the match be 11 on 11 from the start. He was the one who was still involved in aspects of the video game until his death.

As the game has grown in the zeitgeist of American culture, some aspects have stood out more than others. Ratings are important to players. They complain on social media about their rating and sometimes ask questions of those who do. There is an entire team at Madden that does ratings adjustments throughout the year. This is a big deal.

With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of the opening rankings at Madden 23’s launch, some of the top players in each position, and the yearly club 99 that’s turned into an honor in the sport. This week we will add new positions every day:

Wide receivers

1. Davante Adams, Raiders: 99

2. Cooper Kupp, Rams: 98

3. Tyreke Hill, Dolphins: 97

4. DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinals: 96

5. Stephon Diggs, Scores: 95

6. Justin Jefferson, Vikings: 93

7. Mike Evans, Buccaneer: 92

T-8. Terry McLaurin, commanders: 91

T-8. Keenan Allen, Chargers: 91

10. Amari Cooper, Browns: 90

Dropped out of launch last year: Julio Jones (No. 5), Allen Robinson II (No. 10)

Perhaps no other group of players experienced as much real-life growth last offseason as the receivers. Once Christian Kirk received his four-year, $72 million contract from Jacksonville, it seemed to set off a boom in the money that went to premium players in that position. And that, in many ways, has turned the wide receiver into a key position in the NFL, along with quarterback, left tackle, wing rusher, and cornerback. Recipients receive mega money – and in Madden, their ratings reflect how talented this group has become.

This is one of only three groups where the entire top 10 is rated 90 or higher, with up to five recipients potentially eligible to claim the top 10 in the game.

Although Adams moved from the Packers to the Raiders, his status as the top wide receiver in the game – and in the 99 club at launch – remains the same. Last year marked a big jump from Adams, who scored 94 points at the launch of Madden 21.

There is significant movement behind Adams. Hopkins fell from 98 to 96 and from second to fourth. Replacing him in second place overall, Kupp moved from the top 10 early last year to 98th after a season with 145 catches, 1,947 yards and 16 touchdowns. Kupp’s appearance knocked many players down by at least one spot.

tight ends

1. Travis Kelsey, Chiefs: 98

2. George Kittle, 49ers: 97

3. Mark Andrews, Ravens: 93

4. Darren Waller, Raiders: 91

5. TJ Hockenson, Lions (89

6. Kyle Pitts, Falcons: 87

7. Mike Gesicki, Dolphins: 86

8. Dallas Godert, Eagles: 85

T-9. Zak Ertz, Cardinals: 84

T-9. Hunter Henry, Patriots: 84

Dropped: Austin Hooper (No. 6), Rob Gronkowski (No. 7)

For a position that continues to grow in scope and importance on the pitch, the man at the top remains the same. Although Kelce is no longer a member of the 99 club – though don’t be surprised if he earns it back in the 2022 season – he remains the No. 1 tight end in the game, rated 98. And aside from one other player, the list behind him isn’t all that close. .

Kelsey’s biggest competitor is Kittle, one of his fellows at Tight End University. Kittle is back in second place in the tight end this season and now has an overall rating of 97, up from 96 last year. Then comes the fall. Andrews (93 total) enters the 90s and moves from 4th to 3rd. He switches with Waller, who drops from 3rd to 4th and from 93rd last year to 91st this year.

After that, there are big moves. Hockenson, one of the best young tight ends in the game, is currently ranked 5th in the game and 89th overall after finishing 9th and 85th last season. In 2021, Pitts had the second-best rookie tight end ever, including 68 catches and 1,026 yards, and is now in 6th place with 87 yards. From 85 to 86. Gedert made a similar transition from 10th to 8th and from 84th to 85th. top 10 at number 9.

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