Khloe Kardashian defended Tristan Thompson after breaking her silence


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Last week, Tristan was seen walking hand in hand with a mysterious woman in Greece amid reports that his and Chloe’s new baby may have already been born.

It’s no secret that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship has been strained due to his scandals over the years. However, it looks like Khloe still manages to get on the right track when it comes to her ex’s actions.

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If you weren’t aware, it’s been a pretty wild year for Chloe.

Last December, the duo announced again and again that they were leaving for good after Tristan was forced to confess to a third cheating scandal, later admitting he fathered another woman’s child while he and Khloe were still together.

Speaking at length about the drama of fatherhood for the first time in Kardashian Season finale last month, Chloe reflected on Tristan’s string of cheating and admitted that she had almost become “immune” to his behavior.

“I feel not quite in my own body. These things just happen and I just make moves,” she said on the show. “When something happens to you a couple of times, you kind of become immune to them.”

After seeing how much pain she was in after that, many fans were quick to assume that the latest scandal would be the final nail in the duo’s coffin. However, last week people were in complete shock after reports surfaced that Khloe and Tristan were expecting their second child by surrogate mother.

Chloe’s rep confirmed that the exes, who already have 4-year-old daughter True, are expected to replenish in the coming weeks, and that the baby was conceived in November – about a month before Tristan’s paternity scandal. was exposed.

“We can confirm that True will have a sibling conceived in November,” Chloe’s rep told People last Wednesday. “Chloe is incredibly grateful to the unusual surrogate mother for such a wonderful blessing.”

Setting the record straight about Chloe and Tristan’s current romantic relationship status, the rep also clarified that the exes are definitely “not back together” and that they “haven’t spoken since December other than co-parenting.”

Several media outlets have stated that the new baby, reportedly a boy, is due any day now, with TMZ even suggesting that he may have already been born.

Despite the reports circulating, neither Chloe nor Tristan have yet spoken publicly about the news. However, Khloe broke her Instagram silence yesterday by making it quite clear that her mindset is centered on motherhood and paid tribute to her daughter.

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“Me and my best girl making the best memories,” she wrote alongside a chain of photos of her and True basking in the sun during her recent 38th birthday vacation. “I will always have your back, my angel girl.”

And while Chloe seems to lay low and focus on mom’s life in preparation for their new arrival, it looks like Tristan has taken a completely different approach.

Footage obtained by TMZ last week showed the NBA player living at a club on the island of Mykonos early Friday morning. It looks like he was joined by a large group of friends, including several women.

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Then, just a few days later, additional footage showed Tristan walking out of the same club – this time walking hand in hand with the mystery woman.

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Of course, as a single man, Tristan has every right to explore new romantic relationships. However, with the birth of his and Khloe’s second child “inevitably”, fans can’t help but feel the basketball star would be better off returning home to Los Angeles.

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However, now Khloe seems to have subtly entered the debate, giving fans her take on the confusing situation.

On Tuesday, shortly after her return to social media, some of Khloe’s eagle-eyed followers noticed that she liked a post defending her ex.

An account called @kardashiansocial uploaded a clip of Tristan with a mystery woman and urged fans to stop the hate.

“For anyone freaking out about this video of Tristan in Greece with another girl, Chloe and Tristan are both single and according to Chloe’s rep, they haven’t spoken since December other than co-parenting,” the post began.

“So I don’t know why it would be crazy for Tristan to be with another girl if he’s a good father to his child, and we don’t know when Chloe’s surrogate is due,” they added.

Clearly agreeing with the sentiment, Chloe gave her a subtle nod of approval and liked the post, perhaps confirming that they are on friendly terms despite the dubious timing of Tristan’s holiday in Greece.

And despite recent reports that Khloe is currently dating a private investor, whom she met through her older sister Kim, it’s no wonder she isn’t confused about her ex’s personal life.

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