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Review: Turn up the heat! Talkative Mercury enters fiery Leo on Tuesday and remains there until August 4th. On the same day, Chiron – the wounded healer who teaches us how to turn our wounds into healing – goes retrograde in fiery Aries, making us a little reactive, so count to three before answering. Then on Friday the Leo season will start and we will feel more passionate, bold and heartfelt!

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Voice your stories of shame, Aries. Chiron goes retrograde in your sign on Tuesday and wants you to avoid silence, secrecy, and judgment when you are in pain. Share your pain with empathy. Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday and helps you express your emotions. The Leo season will begin on Friday, and you will gain even more confidence, courage and charisma.


Surrender safely, Taurus. Chiron goes retrograde on Tuesday and helps you complete, finish, and/or leave in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re leaving. Mercury enters your emotional IQ zone, ruled by Leo, on Tuesday, helping you communicate your feelings. Leo season starts on Friday and helps you find people and places that give you emotional security.

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Come and step back, Gemini. Chiron Retrograde begins on Tuesday and helps you understand when it’s time to be a leader and when to follow directions. Mercury enters your Leo-ruled language zone, reinforcing your communication strengths. The season of the Lion starts on Friday and wants you to follow your curiosity to spice up new places and conversations.


What if your “work” healed you, Cancer? On Tuesday, Chiron goes retrograde in your work area and wants you to find a professional experience that will strengthen you. Mercury enters your Leo-ruled zone of embodiment, helping you develop somatic awareness. Leo season, which begins on Friday, provides space for financial literacy and opportunities to develop financial freedom.


Don’t be so afraid of the unknown, Leo. On Tuesday, Chiron turns retrograde in your sector of discovery, allowing you to explore the unknown with confidence. Mercury enters your sign on Tuesday and gives you clear thinking and language. Then this is your birthday season! The Sun enters Leo on Friday and wants your wishes to come true!


What are your intimacy issues, Virgo? Chiron turns retrograde on Tuesday, inspiring you to look for the barriers you place between yourself and your most meaningful relationships. Mercury enters your closed zone ruled by Leo, helping you free yourself through spiritual practice. The start of Leo season on Friday motivates you to take time for yourself to heal.


Conflict can make a connection, Libra! Chiron goes retrograde on Tuesday, helping you declare boundaries, make amends, and understand others through healthy conflict. Mercury enters your Leo-ruled friendship zone and reconnects you to your community. Leo season starts on Friday and keeps you busy and fun!


Start small, Scorpio. Chiron goes retrograde on Tuesday and wants you to first take a small step towards your big goal of gaining momentum and providing sustained energy. Mercury enters your Leo-ruled career zone on Tuesday, giving you creative insight and ambition! The Season of the Lion, which starts on Friday, will help you increase your professional level by becoming a leader and braver.


Share your feelings, Sag! On Tuesday, Chiron goes retrograde and has a message for you: vulnerability sucks, but you still need to do it for confidence and sincerity. Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday and wants you to know more about this idea/topic you have been exploring. Leo season starts on Friday, and you’ll want to travel and learn more about yourself along the way!


Home is where we first learn about love, Cap. On Tuesday, Chiron goes retrograde in your family zone, helping you see how the way you love as an adult has grown out of the way you were loved as a child. Mercury enters your Leo-ruled intimacy zone on Tuesday as well, inspiring you to reveal rather than hide. The season of the Lion, which begins on Friday, will give you the opportunity to own your desires and realize them!


Many misunderstandings, Aquarius? On Tuesday, Chiron goes retrograde in your communication zone, helping you resolve any confidence issues related to cognition and clear language. Mercury enters your Leo-ruled negotiation zone on Tuesday, inspiring you to find a win-win solution. The most romantic time of the year starts on Friday, when Leo season creates a chemistry of opposites in the summer air.


What is “safety” to you, Pisces? On Tuesday, Chiron goes retrograde in your safety zone and grounds you in the embodiment and wisdom of your body. On the same day, Mercury enters your Leo-ruled zone of well-being and helps you make micro-adjustments that will lead to macro changes in confidence. The start of Leo season on Friday supports these goals and helps you heal your mind, body and spirit!

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