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More Kate Sharma or I’ll make a scene.


Kate and Anthony will be back.

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For me personally, nothing is more important than #Cantoni. Thankfully, Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey have confirmed their return for a third season. Jonathan said he plans to be at every Bridgerton sibling’s wedding, and Simone wants Kate to adapt to being the new viscountess in season three. They both agree on one thing: they want Kate and Anthony to have their first child! MAKE IT HAPPEN, SHOW.


And Daphne too!

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Showrunner Jess Brownell said we’ll continue to see Daphne in the third season, but she didn’t say how much. I hope it will be no less than we saw her in the second season!


Season 3 will focus on the relationship between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington and it will be based on Romance with Mr. Bridgerton Julia Quinn.

Mr. Colin Bridgerton, perhaps your eyes betray what your lips are afraid to say.

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Penelope has been pining for this man since the show’s first episode, so it will be a relief to see her patience (and ours) pay off. And sorry to anyone who disagrees, but Colin’s long glares at Penelope are NOT entirely platonic. They just don’t exist!


This means the show no longer officially follows the order of the books.

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The third book in the Bridgerton series. Proposal from a gentlemanin the center of which is Benedict. Romance with Mr. Brigerton is the fourth book.


The plan, according to Shonda Rhimes, is for the series to get down to every sibling’s love story and have eight seasons so there’s no need to worry about Benedict.


Even though he won’t be starring in Season 3, Benedict will still be important.

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Jess Brownell said that while the show has yet to get to the point of his love story, Benedict will still be “a vital part of Season 3”. I can only hope that this means we get more scenes of Benedict drinking tea.


At some point, Penelope and Eloise will talk about their big fight at the end of Season 2.

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However, it doesn’t look like it will be a quick fix, as Eloise will find “a new friend in a very unexpected place.”


Filming has already begun!

I’m overseeing the preparations for the new social season. Apparently, the third part of “Bridgerton” is officially launched.

Twitter: @bridgerton/Via Twitter: @bridgerton


The cast read at least the first two episodes, and Nicola Coughlan said she knew the plan for the entire season.

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Penelope is about to officially start the season by giving up her crush on Colin Bridgerton.

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And she will be focused on “finding a husband who respects her independence” so she can continue being Lady Whistledown and move on from her family.


As for Colin, he will be disappointed to find that Penelope treats him coldly when he returns from his travels.


Which he WILL DESERVE after what he said about her at the end of Season 2. In order to win back her friendship, Colin will make the incredibly dubious decision to help Pen “build up her confidence” so she can attract the “perfect husband”. “The perfect husband is YOU, dumbass.


The book contains several references to how Penelope lost weight, but the show (fortunately) does not have this storyline.

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Which is great, because implying that Penelope will only be able to get Colin’s attention after she loses weight is stupid, inaccurate, and boring.


We have a new Francesca Bridgerton!

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Hannah Dodd joined the cast as Francesca Bridgerton, replacing Ruby Stokes.


The series introduced several new characters, starting with Daniel Francis as Marcus Anderson, “a charismatic man who lights up any room he enters.”

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He will “attract the attention of some of the matriarchs in the city – and the wrath of others.”


Sam Philips will play Lord Debling, a lord with “eccentric interests (and enough wealth to be overlooked by anyone).”

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And James Foon will appear as Harry Dankworth, a man who isn’t smart but makes up for it with his “serious looks.”


We can expect the show to return at some point in 2023.


And finally, Rare-Jean Page will NOT be returning to the show, despite initial rumors to the contrary.




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