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A Spartan holds a weapon and looks off into the distance in Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite more silent about data than any other modern Halo. Previous entries in the shooter series have allowed you to view all-time multiplayer statistics, including key metrics such as win-loss distribution, kill-to-death ratio, and more. For data-driven gamers, this information wasn’t just fun – it also served as an essential tool for charting your personal progress.

But Halo Infinite offers no official way for players to check their long-standing stats, other than a one-match rundown at the end of each match. If you want to know how well you’ve done in the long run, apart from tracking your progress in the game’s Challenge-based Battle Pass, you won’t find that kind of data anywhere in the game’s menu. You won’t find it on the 343 Industries developer’s website for this series. halo waypointas in the previous two games of the company, Halo 5as well as Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

This is in line with the recent trend of serialized first-person shooters, where core data previously provided by the developers in previous installments is missing in later ones. Last years Battlefield 2042 launched without a scoreboard – a key feature of the game –finally added this last spring, but only after the cacophonous feedback from the players. In some cases, the data exists but is protected by paywalls. Take Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which will show you the ratio of kills and deaths … for $ 20..

A Halo Infinite player is viewing their Battle Pass progress on Halo Waypoint.

AT EndlessThe official 343 tracker only shows your progress towards unlocking new cosmetics.
Screenshot: 343 industries / Kotaku

There is at least an unofficial workaround for Halo Infinite: site called Data Hive Halo, which allows you to enter your Xbox Gamertag and see your all-time stats. It’s not just level 101 like kill/death ratio and total wins versus losses, basic information that 343 provides. You can see how many kills you average per match. You can see how much damage you’ve done since the game launched at the end of 2021. You can check your accuracy down to decimal digits. And you can even differentiate all this data by season. (Halo InfiniteA free-to-play game based on a seasonal model, with new maps, modes, and cosmetic items added to the game every few months.) What’s more, Halo Data Hive also contains carefully collected data for players on teams. associated with Halo Championship Series (HCS)if there are lovers Halo Infinitex about the short circuit in the room.

In short, Halo Data Hive is an extremely valuable resource, an example of how the gaming community plays a key role that is usually played by the developer of this game.

It is also in danger.

The lion’s share of the public Halo Infinite data provided by a fan project called HaloDotAPI. (For those who don’t know, API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and makes it easy to exchange data from one side to another. IBM, thanks where needed, has a comprehensive for those who are interested.) Founded a year ago Alexis “Zeni” BizetHaloDotAPI has been officially acquired Autocodea San Francisco-based API tech company, months after 343 Industries conducted three “technical flights”—essentially beta testing—for Halo Infinitemultiplayer mode.

“We are the only ones Halo Infinite API in the market, many services rely on us, 343 will not release a public API [in the] short term and we can say goodbye to the community,” Bizet said. Kotaku.

The HaloDotAPI serves as the basis for many community data mapping efforts in Halo Infinite community. Yes, there is the aforementioned Halo Data Hive, but it is also used. Sheet as well as Spartan recordtwo other multi-user sites for tracking statistics; Halo Medalsa database that shows how many medals or in-game awards for impressive feats you have earned in Halo Infinite; as well as True Achievementsa popular achievement tracking site.

“[It’s] an elegant tool that supports more than two dozen applications and community websites, which, in turn, are used by thousands of players every day, ”said a representative halohuba news and content organization that serves as a kind of town square for Halo community, said Kotaku.

A Spartan reloads a pistol in Halo Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 industries

Running an API for all of this is expensive. (Biz spent $2,500 of his own money to launch it; those costs were offset, but not by much, by roughly $300 in Patreon funding.) Last month, Autocode founder CEO Keith Horwood wrote in the blog that the HaloDotAPI is no longer financially sustainable and will be closed at the end of July, effectively ending any services that rely on its data.

“There are two categories of costs to consider when running any web service,” Horwood said. Kotaku. “Most people are familiar with the cost of infrastructure: how much does it cost to run this damn thing? People who are not tech savvy overlook the cost of operations: we have to pay to feed the people who work on these tools! So it’s a mix of infrastructure and salaries.”

HaloDotAPI developers say 343 Industries or its owner Microsoft could step in and save the project. To date, both companies have refused to take any action. Moreover, 343 has not detailed any specific plans to release a proprietary internal API.

This is already having a deterrent effect on the services that use it. It appears that most sites with multiplayer game statistics are blocked. Halo Data Hive, whose representatives did not respond to Kotakurequest for comment, this statement is now posted on his website, the emphasis KotakuX:

Note: Halo Data Hive currently no longer tracks HCS skirmishes, tournaments, etc. until I finish updating the code to reduce Halo Dot API calls to hopefully get into a lower price subscription. During this time, you you will no longer be able to search for your own service record. Sorry to bother you. You can read more about this here The Future of HaloDotAPI #SaveHaloDotAPI. Halo Data Hive currently makes 4,100 API calls per hour, which costs $450 per month. My goal [is] to reduce that to a $95 subscription.

Bizet says he has been in contact with 343 Industries since December. When it became clear that the HaloDotAPI couldn’t work without outside help, the developer shifted the responsibility to Microsoft, citing data privacy and compliance concerns. But Horwood noted in that blog post that Autocode contacted Microsoft who said their compliance departments wouldn’t stand in the way of 343. I’ve read that the people behind the HaloDotAPI care less about managing this data than about so that players can have access to them, no matter who is behind the project. Ball returned to court on the 343rd.

“Microsoft sees value in @halodotapi and has agreed to help with legal compliance.” – HaloHub. said on twitter. “But as it stands, the 343i is not going to fund a very reasonable project cost. If the 343i is serious about resurrecting #HaloInfinite, it’s a terrible business decision.”

Halo eSports Lead Tahir “Tashi” Hasanjekic Addresses HaloDotAPI’s Imminent Shutdown in an interview with Twitch streamer LouisVTitan. Tashi acknowledged that the API exists for both Halo 5 as well as Halo Wars 2, and noted how important it is for the players. “When it comes to esports, we really believe in all of that,” he said.

“In the long run, our own API is the solution,” he continued. “We understand the importance. We definitely sympathize with the community and developers if this goes away. But that’s the reality of the situation.”

If you are familiar with production Halo Infinite and would like to chat, on or off the record, my mailbox is always open: (Signal and Proton upon request).

Tashi did not provide a timeline for when 343 might release such a thing. Representatives from 343 Industries did not respond to a request for comment.

Right now, HaloDotAPI has a few weeks left before nightfall. Fans have spent the last month rallying on Twitter around hashtag #SaveHaloDotAPI. There is current fundraiser for the project too, but not so hot. Autocode needs about $10,000 per month to keep the HaloDotAPI up and running indefinitely; now they cost 601 dollars. (In the event of an imminent outage, Horwood said Kotaku any contributions will be returned to the donors.) Without any intervention, there is a good chance that this data will go offline.

“I really hope there is a decision maker at 343 who is willing to engage with us because we would like to see a positive outcome here,” Horwood said. “Community too.”

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