Fruit Packer Jobs in U.S 2023

No Jobs Are Easier Than This. This Opportunity is for people who want to work as fruit pickers in the US in 2023. Fruit Picker Jobs is a game where you have to pick fruits and vegetables from farms, orchards, and gardens. Then, all of the items will be put into Packets and sent to the given Address. A lot of people are needed for these well-known jobs in the US.

Here are the best ways for people to move to the United States. How much does the average American make? A full-time worker in the US makes an average of $54,630 per year or $1050.59 per week. This is 4% more than what salary growth was the year before. No Fee to Apply for US Jobs. You don’t need IELTS. In fact, their perks, salaries, and other allowances are more than any other country’s. In the US, the average salary for a fruit picker is $27,807 per year or $14.26 per hour.

Details about Fruit Packer Jobs in the United States in 2023

  • Country of Work: U.S
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Type of Job: Fruit Picker
  • Skills Needed: Not Much
  • Pay: $14-$20/Hour No Minimum Age and No Formal Education Needed:

What do people who pick fruit do?

They check the ripeness of the food as it is picked and throw away any pieces that are too ripe or show signs of rotting or disease. Depending on the crop and the size of the farm, they may pick the fruits and vegetables by hand or use special machines.

Benefits of This Job

  • Help with moving and getting free health insurance
  • High Paying Wage

List of fruit-picking companies available

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