Billy Joel hits Comerica Park with Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott cameo

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In 2022, Billy Joel is an old pro. His chops are second nature, his routines are so well rehearsed they can almost seem spontaneous, his music catalog is so extensive that a Saturday gig in Detroit could be a four-hour marathon with extra songs.

And judging by the testimony at Comerica Park, where he finally went to one of the most anticipated concerts postponed due to the pandemic, he still really enjoys it all.

So did the multi-generational fans who filled the sold-out stadium of 37,000.

Taking the stage with his eight-member band at exactly 9 a.m. Saturday, Joel headed to his Steinway piano to play the buoyant “My Life,” launching a set that vibrated the concrete of downtown Detroit for 135 minutes. one of the most successful pieces of American pop music.

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