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Bellator 283 is set and ready to take place TONIGHT (Friday, July 22, 2022) at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington for a welterweight bout between former division champion Douglas Lima and rising contender Jason Jackson. . In the future, Sidney Outlaw will fight Tofik Musaev in a qualifying bout for the lightweight title.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all the action that will kick off at 19:00 ET from YouTube “Prelims” and then go to Showtime in 22:00 ET for the main card action. Feel free to leave comments (or 283) about the fights and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!


170 pounds: Douglas Lima against. Jason Jackson – Jackson wins by unanimous decision (BASIC MOMENTS)
155 lbs: Sidney Outlaw vs. Tofig Musaev – Musaev by knockout in the first round (BASIC MOMENTS)
155 pounds: Usman Nurmagomedov against. Chris Gonzalez – Nurmagomedov by submission in the first round (guillotine)
170 pounds: Lorenz Larkin against. Mukhamed Berkhamov – No Contest (NC) due to Larkin’s unintentional elbow to the back of the head
265 pounds: Davion Franklin against. Marcelo Golm – Golm by third round submission (rear naked choke)
185 pounds: Romero Cotton against. Dalton Rosta – Rosta by TKO in the third round
155 pounds: Gadzhi Rabadanov against. Bobby King – Rabadanov by unanimous decision
125 pounds: Veta Arteaga against. Vanessa Porto – Arteaga via second round submission (guillotine choke)
135 pounds: Jaylon Bates against. Mark Coates – Bates via split decision
170 pounds: Roman Faraldo against. Luis Iniguez – Faraldo by knockout in the first round
155 lbs: Brian Nuro vs. Archie Colgan – Colgan by knockout in the third round
145 lbs: Kevin Boehm vs. Akhmed Magomedov – Magomedov by submission in the first round (rear naked choke)


Douglas Lima against. Jason Jackson

Round 1: High kick from Lima, low kick from Jackson. Jackson throws a takedown and he’s on defense. Lima is trying to find a way out of this predicament, but Jackson holds his ground pretty strongly. Jackson tries to sit up, but Lima gets in the way. Jackson stayed busy from the top position and he pretty much won that round. 10-9 Jackson

Round 2: Jackson takes the wedge early and defeats Lima again. Knees to hips for Jackson. Lima lies on her back again and tries to get up. Not the best position for Lima. He grabs his hand and looks for the handrail. Jackson takes it and throws it down. Lime kicks and swings Jackson, who is stunned for a second but comes to his senses. Jackson is back on top and throws some hard punches. 10-9 Jackson

Round 3: Jackson throws another early takedown, but Lima defends well from the cage. Stomping feet from Jackson. Lima beats Jackson and now he’s on top. Jackson manages to get up and then shoots and scores a takedown. Jackson landed several hard punches from Lima’s guard. Lima tries to fire back but can’t really hit. Jackson is back on the ground. 10-9 Jackson

Round 4: Low leg from Lima to start the game. Jackson fires another takedown and succeeds. The crowd does not feel this strategy, and now the boo-birds are in full force. Jackson delivers several blows to the body. Lima looks a little upset here, and for good reason, because he’s behind on the scorecards and Jackson is too heavy at the top. Lima is bleeding over his right eye. Three minutes into the fourth round, Jackson dominates the round and the fight. Lima is panting here and it’s not a good sign to lose in the fifth and final round on all scorecards. Not much action and not an exciting strategy, but it works for Jackson. 10-9 Jackson

Round 5: Lima gets aggressive, throws and overhands on the right, and Jackson lands another takedown. It’s just not good for a former world welterweight champion. Jackson is just working from above and he won’t let Lima in. Lima works hard, but he just doesn’t have the strength to get up. Jackson with multiple shots to the body, some to the head. Lima is upset. It was a story of struggle. Jackson leads the entire round to secure a dominant win. 10-9 Jackson

Final result: Jackson def. Lima by unanimous decision

Sydney Outlow vs. Tofig Musaev

Round 1: Overhand to the right of Musaev, and then the left swings Outlaw from a jump. His legs are wobbly, and Musaev lands another right hand, and Outlaw falls. Its end! WOW!

Final result: Musaev won. Outlaw via KO in the first round

Usman Nurmagomedov against. Chris Gonzalez

Round 1: Test run for both men. Two minutes and not much action. Hikkik from Nurmagomedov. Jab from Nurmagomedov. Two and a half minutes had passed, and both men were still indecisive. Lots of tricks from Gonzalez. Gonzalez rushes at Nurmagomedov and he gets clinched, and Nurmagomedov changes position and trips him. It sinks into the front throttle. It’s tight, and Gonzalez is forced to tap.

Final result: Nurmagomedov’s victory. Gonzalez via guillotine in the first round

Lorenz Larkin against. Mukhamed Berkhamov

Round 1: Larkin throws multiple punches, Berkhamov dodges, throws an early takedown and now controls the side kick. Berkhamov holds Larkin, and Larkin is unable to get up. Larkin uses the cage to walk up the wall and gets to his feet. Larkin hits the back of his head with his elbow, and Berkhamov collapses in pain. A break in action to allow Berkhamov to recover. Berkhamov tells the judge that he is dizzy. Taking the better part of five minutes, Berkahmov tells the referee that he cannot continue and the fight is called.

Final Result: Bout declared a no contest (NC).

Davion Franklin against. Marcelo Golm

Round 1: Jab from Franklin. Golm comes with an overhand right. Low kick from Golm. Golm catches Franklin’s punch and slams him to the canvas. Golm takes it back. Franklin scrambles. Franklin picks up Golm, gets to his feet and slams him onto the canvas! WOW! He picks it up again and slams it down again. Looks like WWE here. Side control for Franklin. Franklin hit Holm with several nasty elbows right in the chin. Golm has a terrible cut above his right eye. Golm with an overhand right that landed clean. Golm with a nasty elbow to the jaw. Now Golm is walking down Franklin. Franklin’s mouthpiece pops out, and another overhand straight from Golm. 10-9 Franklin

Round 2: Another hard jab from Franklin. Low kick from Golm. Fight for a place at the cell. Golm with a solid body shot and Franklin just walks backwards. Franklin’s wildly spinning fist catches nothing but air. Clinch at the fence, Golm looking for a takedown. A hard punch from Franklin momentarily stuns Golm. Franklin is tired, looks at his watch and marks Golm with a one-two combo. Franklin fires and secures the takedown. Lateral control. Golm somehow sweeps and changes position to side control. Now Franklin is reversing, wow, nothing but brute force to pull this off. Franklin drops his elbows defensively as the round comes to an end. Close. 10-9 Gholm

Round 3: Change Franklin’s kick and Golm shoots back with his right hand. Level change for Franklin, but Golm scores a takedown. Golm picks up the pace and Franklin retaliates with an overhand right, cracking the enemy’s jaw. Golm’s cut is bleeding again. Golm pins Franklin against the cage and lands with his knees in his stomach. Franklin throws bombs despite being exhausted. Golm dodges all the mowers and pushes Franklin towards the cage. Knees to the inside of the thigh for golm. Franklin and Golm’s wild spinning fist makes him pay by knocking him down. He grabs him by the back and drowns in a rear naked choke and he makes him knock! WOW. Bloodied Golm inflicts the first defeat on Franklin.

Final result: Golm def. Franklin rear naked choke

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