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It’s never a dull moment in the NFL, where two other teams – the Bears and the Cardinals – introduced new alternate helmets yesterday, becoming the latest clubs to capitalize on the demise of the one-shell rule. Let’s take one team, okay?

The Bears

The Bears kicked off yesterday by announcing a new orange helmet to be worn with the same alternate orange jersey they’ve been wearing since 2018. Here’s a before and after comparison of what this versatile combination would now look like:

On a positive note, the helmet now matches the jersey; on the other hand, navy blue socks now look out of place. Wouldn’t orange socks make more sense? On the other hand, the Bears wore orange helmets, orange jerseys, and navy blue socks in 1933, so I guess it’s fair to say that the new look has some historical precedent.

This uniform will be worn for two October games this season: home against the Communists on October 13 (Thursday night game) and away against the Cowboys on October 30 (the day before Halloween – perfect for the orange helmet). ). You can see many additional photos of the helmet here and here.


A few hours after the presentation, the Bears Cardinals made their own announcement with the introduction of the new BFBS helmet. If you look at it up close, you can see that the black body is drenched in red metal flakes, which helps a bit (and looks like the color-changing black and teal helmet the Jags wore from 2009 to 2012):

Remember that the Karts inexplicably have two different BFBS dreaded uniforms – the standard BFBS alternate jersey (with white numbers and white pants) and the BFBS Color Rush design (red numbers, black pants). The new helmet will be worn with both uniforms and improve both of them a bit, at least in terms of chromatic consistency, but this team is still an aesthetic train wreck and badly needs to blow everything up and get back to the drawing board. . I mean, when was the last time you saw a black cardinal? (Yeah, I know, I know – hahahaha, glad we got rid of that joke.)

The team didn’t bother to post photos of the full uni, but you can see more photos of the helmet here.

The new helmet can be worn three times in 2022: August 21 against the Ravens (preseason BFBS standard), October 9 against the Eagles (standard BFBS), and October 20 against the Saints (Thursday night). , KR).

We now have up to 13 NFL teams that have submitted alternate helmets for 2022 (six of which are black alternate). Apart from the Bears and Cards, the other 11 are the Falcons (red return), Patriots (white return), Saints (black option), Commanders (black option), Texans (red option), Panthers (black option), Giants. (Navy), Cowboys (white throwback), Jets (black variant), Bengals (white variant), and Eagles (black variant).

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