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fans Voice as well as America’s Got Talent are in mourning after death Nolan Neal. Nolan, who performed in season 15 AGT and season 10 Voicewas found dead in his Nashville apartment by his cousin, Dylan Seals, told TMZ. The musician was 41 years old. Dylan said Nolan lived with him for four months prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and they spent time “jamming and making music” together.

At the time, the cause of death was not immediately known. As Nolan’s family, friends and fans grieve over the sudden loss, here’s what we know about this young star whose light faded too soon.


Nolan was from music city

“I was born in Nashville, moved to East Tennessee and grew up there,” Nolan told WBIR 10 News in 2020. TV Overmind, his parents were both professional musicians. Nolan continued the family business. His Facebook biography reportedly once stated that he “wrote and performed along with likes”. Rob Cavallo, Steve Thompson, Desmond Child, Shinedown, Saliva, Parmalee, Tonic, Alisan Porter, Aaron Gibson,” and many others.

He has released several albums

Nolan released Road to the present in 2006, The wire in 2013, and his last feature, NaswiLAin 2018. He has also worked with others, including the rock band Saliva. Nolan’s April 7 Facebook post is about his work on the Saliva project. Love, lies and therapy the album reached 50 million streams. “When a plaque is worth more than you earned,” he joked.

Nolan excelled at both AGT and The Voice.

Nolan made a name for himself on both reality shows. On the America’s Got Talent, he reached the quarterfinals thanks to the power of his voice and original compositions. On the VoiceNolan wowed the judges before joining Adam Levine team. He made it to the elimination round and was eliminated.

Nolan Neal struggled with addiction

“I remember I got clean in 2010; May 15 went to rehab. Stayed clean,” Nolan told WBIR. “I joined a rock band called Hinder, they were all about drinking and partying. It’s not their fault. I decided that I wanted to drink like a normal person. I remember trying to be normal and fit in. I remember going to a bar and ordering a drink. I tried to hide it. I remember pretending to be normal. I was just lying to myself, telling myself I could control it.”

During the Nolan era Voice, he “lost his way on the voice and continued to drink. “You can see it. I see it.”

He lost his father due to mental illness

On the AGT, Nolan said he was 26 years old when his father committed suicide. “My dad, he was a good guy, but he just wasn’t healthy,” Nolan said on the show. “I felt that my father loved me, but when it happened, I really felt like I didn’t matter much. I thought, “Oh, I wasn’t important enough for him to stay around.” I blamed myself, of course.”

“The hook of this song is Lost for the last time. It’s about those who think they don’t deserve anything because of what they’ve done,” says Nolan. “I hope it connects with all of you, it will be a real win for me.”

“Whenever we talk about my father on the show, I always forget. It opens scars, wounds,” Nolan told WBIR. “I remember coming home from the first audition. We talked about it for 16 hours, and then I went and sang. Maybe 12 hours. I swore I wouldn’t suffocate.”

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