Aaron Judge’s two homers lead Yankees to victory over Orioles


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BALTIMORE. When the Yankees first considered the pitcher-friendly changes made to Camden Yards’ sizing, Aaron Judge frowned as he said the deeper wall of left field ruined one of his favorite hitting spots. He seems to have figured out the place.

Judge hit home runs twice in his first three trips to Friday night’s home plate at the Inner Harbor, raising his Major League-leading long ball total to 36 while capturing a piece of franchise history in New York’s victory over the Orioles with score 7–6.

“My dad actually texted me [on Friday] and said, “Hey, make sure you go to right field – they have this big wall in left field,” Judge said. “I told him that I might try to deal with it. We have two.”

With eight Major League multiplayer games this season and 24 in his career, Judge is the fifth Yankee to play eight multiplayer games in a season, joining Babe Ruth (1927), Mickey Mantle (1961), Alex Rodriguez (2007) and Glaber Torres. (2019).

– What else can you say? said manager Aaron Boone. “He was the best player in the league. The way he hits those balls tonight is just impressive what he keeps doing. He plays well in midfield. He just does a little of everything.”

Judge hits 61 homers, equaling Roger Maris’ 1961 total, which is still an American League record. No Major League player has hit 60 homers in a season since Barry Bonds hit 73 and Sammy Sosa hit 64 in 2001, and Judge’s teammates think he can make it.

“At this pace, he can definitely do anything,” said right-hander Jameson Talon. “The most impressive thing about him is that he comes and collects super professional bats every night. He waits for the pitcher to make a mistake and jumps on it. It doesn’t seem to be in his head or anything like that.”

Judge is still looking for the first three-homer game of his career, but he gave Tylon an early lead in the third inning. The umpire’s three-shot throw from starter Tyler Wells floated to the left field stall, as predicted by Statcast at 436 feet.

“I was happy to get on the board first and give our pitchers an early lead,” Judge said. “When you give our team an edge early on, it usually results in a good outcome.”

Coincidentally, the 6-foot-8 Wells is the only player that Judge (6-foot-7) sent to the big leagues who is taller than him.

“It’s just showing with the judge or even with the whole Yankees lineup, you miss the [in the] average, you make mistakes, you will pay for it,” said Wells. “That’s one of the reasons why they’re the best team in baseball.”

The umpire went deep again in the fifth inning, clearing the away bullpen with a solo blast projected at a stunning 465 feet. It was Judge’s longest homer of the season and the third longest homer tracked at Camden Yards.

“He and Giancarlo [Stanton]when they do step on someone, I try to calm down so I can fly inside,” Boon said. “It’s just different.”

Judge always liked to play big against O; his 34 career homers in 82 games against Baltimore is his most against any opponent.

He didn’t have to worry about reconstruction; Hoping to help their budding staff, the Orioles resized their retro park, which opened in 1992.

The left field wall was pushed back 30 feet and the far wall rose 12 feet, costing Judge what could have been his first career three-homer game on May 17, when it absorbed an explosion in the first inning that sent Judge tossed. . trying to stretch your double into a three.

The umpire’s 36 homers are six ahead of the Phillies’ Kyle Schwarber (30) in the Major League lead and eight ahead of the Astros’ Jordan Alvarez (28) in the AL. Judge said that the leaderboard is not something he pays much attention to.

“There is no need for that,” the judge said. “That’s not what I’m paid for. I get paid to help the Yankees win games. This is what I try to focus on. I look more at the standings than anything else.”

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