3 important and interesting discoveries of the mechanics of Street Fighter 6 from the latest presentation


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It’s no surprise that Street Fighter 6 is grabbing the attention of the fighting game community right now, and this weekend is giving players a second chance to play the game.

With the special exhibition matches at Japan Expo 2022, there have already been several seemingly new discoveries about SF6’s combat mechanics.

So far, FSK members like NurseLee as well as HiFight highlighted 3 rather important details that show some changes compared to Street Fighter 5, as well as part of its DNA.

Let’s start with what Capcom’s next big fighting game will look like.

Fans have already been shown that SF6’s Punish Counter system will essentially replace the current game’s Crush Counters, but now we can see some of their old ideas being implemented.

The display case showed Ryu causing Chun-Li to collapse after receiving a strong standing kick with a punishment counter.

This looks very similar to what some of the Crush Counter attacks do to enemies in SF5, so it looks like the characters will have certain moves that cause additional effects on the counters.

However, it is interesting to note that Chun gains this crumple status as soon as she enters a burnout state, which may indicate that these additional painful punishment counters can only work when the opponent is out of the movement gauge.

And there is also interaction with Punish Counters during air attacks.

In one particular clip, Luke used a Punishment Counter on Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Ryu using a Drive Strike that puts Shoto into a spinning counter state to continue.

This is one of the Crush Counter attack effects in SF5, although Ryu is not in the Burnout state here.

It looks like Capcom wants counter hits to be a dangerous scenario to watch out for in SF6, but not as game-defining as it was in SF5.

There is still a lot of testing to be done to find out exactly how punishment counters work in the current build of the game.

Nurselee put together a nice and quick demo to show how corner jumps differ between SF5 and SF6.

The clip confirms that there is currently no corner-crossing option in Street Fighter 6, giving defenders one less thing to worry about.

It only makes sense that Capcom would go in that direction, as the corner position is already deadlier than before, with wall bounces or stuns from Drive Impacts.

We’re also not sure who would want to voluntarily put themselves in a corner in this game.

Corner crossings weren’t universal in the series until Street Fighter 4, so their absence is something we’ve already seen in many past games.

If this stays the same for the full version, we don’t think many players will miss having to worry about crossing corners.

With parry returning as a universal mechanic in SF6, the developers seem to be trying to implement ways to make projectiles not a threat in the new game.

Most characters’ EX projectiles in SF5 could absorb 1 hit, so exchanging fireballs would only hit the enemy once.

Street Fighter 6 apparently changes this, causing Overdrive projectiles to still hit twice after trading with another fireball.

NurseLee also made a handy visual aid to show how Chun-Li’s EX Kikoken performed in SF5 and Street Fighter 4 compared to SF6, and he believes this property applies to the entire cast.

This certainly seems like a good buff for zoner fighters, though it could also open the door for better OD fireball parry rewards.

It’s obviously too early to know what impact OD’s enhanced fireballs will have in SF6, but learning more about the added layers to gameplay is certainly nice right now.

However, everyone should keep in mind that Street Fighter 6 is still under development and will be making more changes and adjustments to the mechanics shown, so some or all of it may not work as well as before by the time the game is really come out next time. year.

The community and we will continue to dig into these new footage from the Japan Expo, so stay tuned to see what’s revealed next for the upcoming game.

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