17+ Best Target Sales Days in 2022: The Best Deals We Found


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There is no place as a goal. While online shopping doesn’t generate the same frenzy as getting lost in a Bullseye playground, the Target Deal Days sale still offers an exciting excuse to browse the virtual aisles. (As if any of us ever needed another excuse to run fast on a target.)

The sale will run until July 13, and while it may be a direct competitor to Amazon Prime Day, the vast majority of these deals don’t require a membership to make purchases. Some offers are only available to Target Circle members, but it’s free to join, and it’s worth joining if you shop at Target on an occasional basis.

The WIRED Gear team tests products year-round and manually selects hundreds of thousands of deals to make the right choice. Crossed out items are out of stock or no longer discounted. Our Amazon Prime Day coverage page has the latest news, and our Prime Day shopping tips will help you avoid bad deals. You can also get $5 Yearly WIRED Subscription ($25 Off) Here.

Updated July 12, 2022: We’ve updated prices and links, and added several Nest products, Google Pixel phones, and A-series Pixel Buds.

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Offers for games and entertainment

A Series Pixel Buds.

Photo: Google

You can make a quick call, watch Will Byers cry for his love, or listen to Selena sing Bidi Bidi Bom Bom—it doesn’t matter if you have Google Pixel Buds A series. These are our favorite headphones for most people thanks to their ergonomic design , balanced sound and IPX4 water resistance.

Gloomy Harbor – one of the most popular and most expensive board games. Jaws of a lion can be played as a standalone game or as an addition to the original. It is suitable for two or more players aged 14 and over.

There are many Lego sets on sale, from $10 Classic Brick sets to mine craft– thematic models. This sale also features the inclusive Duplo and Friends ranges. The quality of the deal depends on which set you’re looking at, but the discounts are generally good, especially for parents looking to keep their kids entertained this summer.

Only for members of the target circle

This workbook is a good option for future kindergartners, and a clipping coupon brings it down to $3 for Target Circle members. Choose free store pickup, where applicable, to avoid shipping charges. Be sure to check out these school supplies deals for extra savings for students.

This sale has almost 50,000 titles to choose from, including classics for kids and thrillers for adults. Discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

Domestic and outdoor offerings

Hoover PowerDash.

Photo: Hoover

It’s not uncommon for our budget carpet cleaner to be on sale, so there’s no need to rush to add it to your cart. But if you’re already on the market, we think you’ll love this one for small stains (if you have a big old house that needs some serious thorough cleaning, you might want to go for something bigger). It is light and manoeuvrable, and the solution dispensing trigger is right on the handle. There are also separate clean and dirty water tanks that can be removed for rinsing. This price matches on Amazon.

The larger Hoover SmartWash we like is also on sale from Target, though it’s cheaper now on Amazon.

There are many clothes and shoes for sale. The range includes options for men, women and children. It’s not just limited to shirts and trousers – you can also get discounts on shoes and swimwear. Prices are listed on the product page.

KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus.

Photo: KitchenAid

While it’s not hard to find mixer discounts during the holidays, this model comes in several unique and beautiful colors. KitchenAid mixers are popular for good reason. They are great for baking as well as cooking in general. While this discount is good, if you’re determined to get the lowest price (maybe $200-$250), it’s best to wait until Black Friday to buy them.

Nothing screams “college” quite like one of those bad guys. Pillows like this are never real comfortablebut they are handy for doing homework, reading before bed and watching movies. It has a fluffy finish for extra softness.

These clothes storage racks have become popular online over the last couple of years. They are great for small apartments or bedrooms, especially if you don’t have much storage space. This rack has side shelves for storing shoes or storage boxes, a feature that is hard to find in other similarly priced versions. Treat cool Gen-Z glasses as an added bonus.

Health and beauty

Theragoon Elite

Photo: Terabodie

There are many cheaper massage guns you can buy (and we like a lot of them), but the Pro is the best among the Theragun line. Theraguns (manufactured by Therabody) are somewhat like paper napkins in the world of percussion devices. It is the quietest of the brand’s devices and comes with five attachments to soften different muscles.

The Mini is also on sale for $160 ($40 off) if you really want the Theragun but want to spend as little as possible. However, there are better options than the Mini. The triangular design of other Theraguns makes them much more ergonomic. Theragun Prime, which we haven’t tested, is $250 ($50 off).

We think most people will be fine with the Theragun Elite, including athletes, but this Pro is the beast of the line and puts out 60 pounds of force, while the Elite uses 40 pounds. It also has a rotating arm so it’s even easier to set the attachments in the right place. If you have money to spend, you’ll love it, but $500 is a hefty price on sale.

Theragun Wave family

Photo: Terabodie

You can still enjoy some Therabody technology without shelling out hundreds. This wave roller combines traditional foam rollers with massage vibrations. It won’t tie knots as effectively, but you can pair it with a cheaper massage gun if you need it.

Smart Home Offers

Jack Audio

Photo: Google

Google Nest Audio has surprisingly excellent sound quality for a smart speaker. We like to pair two of them together for even better sound quality, and with this sale, that’s easy to justify. The Nest Mini Smart Speaker also retails for $30 ($20 off), so you can get something with a smaller profile, or just add to your Nest ecosystem.

The smart display is incredibly versatile, serving as a video player, a way to communicate with others, or a glorified digital frame if you like it. The Nest Hub Max does all of these things really well, and while they often go on sale, we recommend only purchasing them at a discount. If video chat isn’t your thing, the Nest Hub Smart Display (2nd Gen) retails for $55 ($45 off) – that’s $111 less than the Smart Display Max, which is still great!

Google For households looking to increase their security, look no further: Nest Cam is your best bet. It works with Google Assistant, has 1080p resolution with HDR and night vision, and it even has a nice, clear speaker and microphone. For the wired indoor option, the Nest Cam (indoor, wired) is $79 ($21 off).

With the doggy days of summer come dreary, sometimes grueling temperatures. A Nest thermostat can help keep your home cool (and save you some money in the process) by learning your preferred settings and changing them accordingly. Plus, with intelligent temperature control, you can gradually help save the planet by reducing energy consumption.

doorbell socket

Photo: Google

Ding-dong, Nest (doorbell) great! No, really. This would probably be our best doorbell camcorder if it wasn’t so expensive, so this is a great chance to get something a little better for a lot less. This is the lowest price, which was a third less than usual.

Not all TVs are smart, but thankfully they don’t need to wish for a brain like the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. You can simply connect your Chromecast to Google TV and voila! You get all the benefits of Smart TV (Youtube, Netflix and other apps) right at your fingertips with the included remote control.

Smartphone offers

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Photo: Google

The Google Pixel 6 Pro received a rare WIRED score of 9/10 – quite a lot here. We really liked the quality of the camera with its Real Tone feature, which captures different skin tones incredibly well. It also has a long-lasting battery, a sleek OLED screen, and a surprisingly fast refresh rate. If you don’t need all the features of the Pro, you can opt for the Google Pixel 6 (256GB) Android smartphone, which sells for $599 ($100 off).

Discounts on everything else

Photo: Target

Only for members of the target circle

It’s an extremely easy way to make your purchases even cheaper. Let’s say you have $100 worth of items in your cart from the Deal Days sale. Buy a gift card for that amount using this coupon and you’ll save an additional 5 percent on what you planned to buy. The card can be delivered via email or text message, so if your coveted items don’t sell out right away, this deal is worth it.

Spend at least $50 on food and drink and choose free same day delivery to receive a free $10 gift card. There are a few exceptions to this deal, but it’s an easy way to save some money if you were planning on restocking some groceries anyway.

If you’re a Target Circle member, it’s worth checking to see if your account is eligible for this offer, which gives you a 10 percent discount on your purchase. Offer expires July 13th. There is a list of exclusions and not all accounts qualify. Your mileage may vary.

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